IP address is the router’s preferred location input IP address of the router brand. These companies distribute D-Link, Asus, Tenda and Zyxel as a router brand. There will be IP addresses, user name and password search for,, for access to the router interface. All router interface user names and passwords are available on our site. Login What is it for?

  • allows you to enter the IP address of your router’s interface (router settings page).
  • You can change your router’s wi-fi password.
  • You can troubleshoot your network problems.
  • You can make your network more secure and see all devices connected to your network.


The ip address that appears in search engines as 192.168.l.0 is actually Some of the wrong ip addresses suggested by search engines are;

192.168.l.0 login: In recent days, the Google search engine to connect to the router as the ip address is the search suggested. So 192.168.0.l login means 192.168.l.0 login.

I wanted to show the correct rope spelling in writing as the letter L looks like 1 when it is written in small. One hundred and ninety-two points are in the form of a one-hundred and sixty-eight point one point. IP addresses consist of numbers and dots and never contain letters.

How to Connect to Router with

Usually you don’t have internet connection or you want to connect to the router interface page to change your wifi password.

The page you are trying to connect to is not an internet page. Accessing your router’s setup page without the Internet will not harm your computer in any way.

So if you get a “This Site Can’t Be Reached” en while doing this, ignore it and click on the Advanced tab to proceed to Site

The Most Important Stage!

First of all, make sure your router is connected to your computer via wifi or ethernet cable and your router is running smoothly. Observe the power supply and the indicator lights. “I don’t know the wifi password anyway, so I entered this site. The first thing I can offer you is to get an ethernet cable and connect your computer to the router.

If you do not have my computer or ethernet cable, then you should do a router reset and connect to the router with the wifi password on the label on the back of the router.

Then you should check your router’s IP address. Your IP address will probably be If you are not sure about this, you can look at the bottom surface of your router.

  • Enter in the search bar of the browser of the computer or device to which your router is connected.
  • To login to your router, type your username and password in the interface that opens. If you do not know your password, first look at the label on the bottom of your router. Usually, your router’s factory default password information is found here. If you do not have a label or cannot access the router, you can find it in the list of router login passwords on our site.