is a custom Internet Protocol address that is used by default and currently used by various router manufacturers.

192.168.l.254 IP address is supplied from the factory settings, but if you want you can  change based on a user’s preferences.

You can easily change the default IP address from the router panel. We can define the IP address is a numeric ID number and IP address is provided by any device in the computer network. This numeric ID is made out of four divisions of numerals, isolated by spots.

How can you login to

You should simply do this: Type to to your search bar of your browser. Then you’ll access to admin settings of your router.

Helps you change your router’s settings related to your preferences.

Alternatively, you should follow these steps.

  1. Type into the search bar of your browser or tap here
  2. If you are unable to navigate the IP address, it is more likely that the router’s IP address is different to 192.168.l.254. You need to  take initiatives to determine the IP address in correspondence to your router.
  3. When you realize the real IP address of your switch, you ought to enter it in your program’s pursuit bar and you’ll be coordinated to the login board where you can enter your username and secret word in the info fields to proceed.
  4. If you cannot remember your router username and password, you can follow these instructions to retrieve and change passwords. If you didn’t  changed your password before, you should  use the router’s default usernames and passwords.

What Is

Let’s easily explain the nature of this IP address.

The pc you use in your office can have this IP address, and your home pc, no matter, can also be given a same address and this won’t be problem for you. However, two different network devices can not  use the same internet protocol address on the web; if that happens, network malfunctions will occur. Only one local network device can use this IP address. You can use the repeatedly, and you  can also use  more than one user (if they are in different networks).

You can use the one device in the network of, but this IP address can also be used within some other network. is also serving you a gateway.

In fact, this IP address was originally created for use by certain router manufacturers. Later, other manufacturers began to use it.Today, it is utilized as the default for modems and broadband around the world. But if you want to use some other private IP address, you can change the default settings. For  some users, this IP address is more resistant to all kinds of threats  coming from the Internet. Suppose you have encountered a problem with this, don’t worry, is a commonly used address. You can find information on resolving these problems.

Some popular Default Router Passwords List

Modem BrandLogin IPUsernamePassword