How Can You Reset Your Router ?

One of the main ways to fix things is to reset the components of the computer and network hardware. The router also needs to be reset sometimes to work properly and efficiently. The router is simply not something that anyone can correct, and you may have different reasons to reset the router.

Router is the program that allows you to connect to the internet. From time to time, you will encounter problems with the internet caused by your router and it becomes difficult to understand the actual problem. Sometimes people forget of the router’s username and password. We need to know a lot of passwords by heart, and it’s normal to forget some passwords from time to time. In such cases, the first thing we should try is to return the router to the factory setting. Resetting the router is easy and anyone can simply do it, but there are things that chance on factory settings hardware. After you’ll reset your router, you should be ready for these steps:

  • You should type the new username and new password for the router
  • You should type the new username and new password for the Wi-Fi
  • You should type the new username and new password for the ISP

Now, basically everything that you have ever changed in the router setting as it will be good.

Let’s talk about how can you reset your router?

Behind your router is a small button that is used to reset the router. You should locate that button. Now press the button with a needle or a toothpick while the Router is on. You need to push the reset button for a few seconds (10 or 20 seconds). Depending on the model and Router type, you will see flashing or changing lights. After pressing and holding the reset button, you can see the lights will have a different activity. You can now release the reset button. If you have done it correctly, your router will return to the factory settings correctly.